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Rockford Priest

Inviting young men to consider the Lord’s call to the priesthood in the Diocese of Rockford.

Message from Bishop David J. Malloy

Thank you for taking the time to seek out information on discerning your vocation.


The opportunity to open your heart to God’s will and to discern when He is calling you is truly a gift. Such thoughts and prayers set you on a path that leads to experiencing His grace, His peace, and His joy. Each one of us needs to ask the question “Lord, what are you calling me to?” We ask that question with an open heart and mind, like the apostles who’s calling by Christ is described in the Gospels.


It takes effort to listen to and to hear that calling. Sometimes it takes real courage to say yes to the Lord. But in the end, His calling will make us happy, in this life and in the next.


I am grateful that you have come to this website. It is our hope that the information that you find here will help you as you discern.


Be assured of my prayers for you,

Most Reverend David J. Malloy

Message from Fr. Jack Reichardt

Hello everyone!


I would like to welcome you to the Diocese of Rockford Vocations page. I’m Fr. Jack Reichardt, the vocation director for the diocese. I thank God that you are discerning what God desires for your life. Please know that the diocese is praying for the Lord to send harvesters to the field in order to save souls.


Look around the website and please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone to chat about the possibility to a vocation to the priesthood. My job as vocation director is to help you discover God’s will and allow you to see the greatness that God desires for your life. The Lord is calling great men to lay down their lives for God’s people…. will you be that man?


God bless,

Fr. Jack