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Get Involved

Get Involved

Encounter Retreat for 7th – 9th Grade Boys

Jul 7 – 9, 2019

Growing up can push and pull us in so many directions.  Staying close to the Lord and seeking to know his plan is a great way to stay on track to be the best person we are able.  The Encounter Retreat is for young men desiring to encounter the love of Jesus Christ and recognize that they are made for more! This retreat will include talks, hiking, mass, confession, and discovering truth! Young men entering 7th grade through high school freshmen are invited to attend.

Encounter Retreat for 10th Grade – College Age Boys

July 21 – 23, 2019

All men are created for greatness and each man knows that he has this call deep in his being. Yet how is this discovered and known even more? Only by encountering the love of Jesus Christ and becoming more like Him. The Encounter retreat is precisely where the Lord can speak to you. This retreat is lead by the seminarians and will include talks, hiking, mass, confessions and discovering truth! Young men entering 10th grade through college age are invited to attend.  There will be separate discussion groups for young men 18 years of age and older.